Hi, my name is Johan and I’m a design addict. I’ve been designing websites since 2000 and a lot of things has changed over the years. Programming languages and technologies move on and so do the people who design websites. My designs have changed over the years probably in the same way that fashion does, and my latest style I like is flat minimalist designs.

The truth though is everyone has their limits, be it budget or skills and it’s not really about me and my skills so much as your needs and requirements. I know I can add value to most businesses but can definitely bring the big guns out for holiday properties who struggle to get bookings.

If you have any questions or fancy a chat about your website or lack thereof, get in touch to see if I’m the right person to help you take your online presence to the next level.

reviews and testimonials

Johan did an amazing job building my website www.dogwalkermarple.co.uk The knowledge and experience along with the advice Johan offered has been invaluable with getting my business up and running. Johan designed various versions of my logo for the website, t-shirts and vinyl for the van. Whilst building the website we had many conversations about the style, content and layout which has proved pivotal to the success of my business. I’ve had many compliments from clients about the website and have gained a few customers because of the professional design and layout. Johan and I have bounced ideas off of each other and I have to say I’m extremely happy with his professionalism and friendly service. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Johan and I will certainly be using his services in the future.

Debbie Baker
Sep 2017

Johan did an exceptional job designing both a logo and a website for my business. I knew I wanted the end product to appear slick and professional, but had no idea of how it should look. Johan helped and guided at every stage, making suggestions but also listening to my criticism. His professionalism and dedication was (and continues to be) excellent. I can’t recommend him enough!

Sean Yates
Jul 2017